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4 Myths that will not help you sell your house

4 Myths that will not help you sell your house

If you are considering selling your home, it is likely that many people close to you will begin to give you a whole series of tips that, although they always seek your good, may not be entirely the best. Today at Yer Realty, we dismantle five myths that will not help you sell your house.


I need to reform the bathroom and the kitchen before selling


Although the kitchen and bathroom can increase the value of a house, you will not get a great return on investment if you make a major renovation just before selling.

Minor reforms, on the other hand, can help you sell your home for a higher price. New countertops or appliances are just the kind of bait you need to attract a buyer, and they will not cost you as much as a complete renovation.


The exterior of my home is not as important as the interior


Buyers often make quick judgments based simply on the outside of a house. So if you thought your house was going to sell quickly even though the facade of your block and the entrance are horrible, you’re probably wrong.

In this sense, if you live in a block of flats or an urbanization, renovating the facade or polishing the floor can be difficult if you must have the approval of your neighbors to a new expense. So the most affordable and quick solution to this problem is simply to lower the price of your offer.


If my house is clean I do not need to do much more


Clean and tidy is undoubtedly a good first step, but buyers have raised the bar. Do you know that kind of detail that can make a difference in a house? How to remove the blinds from a window that offers incredible views or replace a double bed with two twin beds to make the room look bigger.

It is this kind of thing that really distinguishes houses that sell quickly from those that do not. While you may have been living there, you may not have cared, but that does not mean that a potential buyer will not care either.


The color of the painting is a minor detail


When your daughter wanted to paint her room with that bright pink that you didn’t like so much, you probably were not thinking about how a potential buyer would value that color of paint when buying the house.

But that moment has arrived, and it’s time to go back to giving a face wash to those walls if you do not want any buyer to get scared as soon as they enter the room.

We hope these tips help you sell your house faster! If you want to have the advice of a real estate agency in relation to how to increase the value of your house before selling it, contact our team and we will help you polish all the details.



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