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Your house on the coast of Alicante

At Yer Realty we specialize in properties along the coast of Alicante. If you are looking for a house in the best areas of Alicante in YER we have what you are looking for: independent villas, chalets on golf courses, houses on the coast, apartments on the beach and much more. Our selection of homes all have top quality materials, and they are all located in the most privileged areas of Alicante

Although it seems like a simple task, experience has taught us to be very meticulous when it comes to making a product portfolio on the coast of Alicante. All our products have passed the YER filter. A well selected product is the first and greatest guarantee for your investment.

Location analysis. As the Americans say, the 3 most important aspects in the selection of a home are: Location, Location and Location.

Evaluation of the technical characteristics of the product.

Design and quality.

Verification of legal situation.

Once your request is received, our machinery starts working. In response to your wishes, ideas and needs, we will prepare for you the best possible proposal of properties on the coast of Alicante within your established budget.

You will receive a detailed presentation of the properties that we consider to be the most appropriate at your discretion via email and you will have one of our professionals attending any of your questions or queries quickly and efficiently.

During our long experience we have had several telephone sales or via remote communication but the personalized visit is a fundamental part to narrow the selection and search of your house or apartment on the coast of Alicante.

We will help you with your hotel reservation or rent and we will attend you personally throughout your stay. We will show you pilot houses or second hand homes, we will show you differences between the Costa Blanca North and Costa Blanca South area, what it means to live in an apartment on the beach of the Alicante coast or in a townhouse in a residential complex around the Golf course, because it is important for us for you to feel, see with your own eyes and understand the life and services offered by each location and finally choose what is more suitable and valuable for you.

The purchase process is the moment that demands more information and transparency in order to carry out the best possible negotiation. We must pay close attention to the importance of the procedures and have all the necessary legal advice, either in view of an inheritance or a guide to choose the best financing option and its cost analysis. We offer to carry out the process of the purchase through our legal department as well as any other law firm that you choose to work with, to which we would provide any necessary documentation to expedite the process.

Many years ago we understood that the most important stage in the relationship with our customers truly begins after the purchase. It is precisely for this reason that our work does not end when the decision to buy takes place and our customers will always be able to count on us “after sales”. And what happens next? In case of a project under construction, we will periodically update you on the status of the construction. In a finished house, we will inspect it with you and we will make sure that all the list of fixes and improvements is done in time. If it is a Second Hand home and you need an aesthetic cleaning to make it a fresh home with a new taste, we will also take care of it. Our team, takes any purchase personally as a new project with a single goal, making the first day in your new home unforgettable.

We have successfully carried out more than 300 projects. From a simple reform of an apartment for rent to the construction of a luxury villa; Constructions of apartment buildings, leisure facilities and urbanization projects.

Logistics and processes are the bricks and mortar of your vision. We will analyze your project and give you honest feedback, from a reason and passion point of view. Be it the complexities of urban laws or the availability of local labor, we have the necessary knowledge acquired with decades of experience to make the best decision for your project.

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