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Five keys to buying a house on the beach that you should always keep in mind

Five keys to buying a house on the beach that you should always keep in mind

Although the summer has just ended, it is now in winter when you must explore the market if you want to buy a house on the beach. The rental and sale prices are more affordable in the low season and there is much more supply, since many of the properties sold throughout the year are rented during the summer to compensate for the rest of the year.

Today at YER we are going to offer you five keys that you should never forget if you are considering buying a house on the beach. It is a big step, and any important decision must be accompanied by an adequate study of the different options from which you can choose.


Know the area like the palm of your hand

If you have never visited or vacationed in the area, your expectations may exceed reality. We recommend that you travel, even if only for a few days, to the place where the house you are planning to buy is located to see if it suits your needs and those of your family.


Do all the calculations in advance

Buying a home in Spain, whether you have the money in cash or you have to ask for a mortgage, involves several associated costs that you must know before deciding to pay a certain amount.

From the notary’s expenses to the real estate transfer tax, at YER we inform our clients in detail of all the costs involved in acquiring a home in Spain, because transparency when so much money is at stake is essential.


The parking space, a highly profitable investment on the beach

In winter you may not have problems parking in your area, but we guarantee that in the summer it will be a real headache to park your vehicle if your house is near the beach.

Acquiring a parking space will not only give you peace of mind knowing that you can park without problems at all times, it will also provide a great added value to your property in case you decide to rent or resell it.


Study the rental market in the area

If you do not consider acquiring your house on the beach to reside in it all year round, but simply to rest from time to time some weekends and enjoy fifteen days of holidays in August, renting your home on the beach without a doubt will report significant income (especially in high season).

Studying in advance the rental market in the area will let you know what is the approximate amount you could earn if you will not reside in your house on the beach all year.


Trust professionals for procedures and advice

At YER, with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market of the Costa Blanca, we have all the necessary resources to ensure that your purchase process of the home you have decided to acquire is fully satisfactory and transparent.

Contact us and we will advise you on everything you need about our real estate services, without obligation.



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