We want you take advantage of us.

Project management is a bewildering activity. Even a simple home renovation ranks in the top thirty of life’s most stressful events, more so if it is carried out in a foreign culture or environment.

At YER we will take the weight off your shoulders by offering our hard-earned expertise and know-how for your dream project.

Logistics are the bricks and mortar of your vision. We will analyse your project and give you honest feedback, from the heart and mind. Whether it’s the complexities of zoning laws or the availability of the local workforce, we have the insider knowledge that comes with decades of experience.

Building your property is the next step. Using our wide network of associates, we will efficiently arrange for quotes and estimates from our trusted sub-contractors.

The architecture and design of your project, be it for investment or personal use, personalises and adds value. YER demystifies today’s complex design and decoration culture for you, and facilitates professionals that fit your budget, style and vision.

Yes, we will take a commission for our expertise, but, by working with our suppliers and professionals, we can save you a great deal on market prices, misplaced energy and your precious time.

Forewarned is forearmed: this age-old adage takes on even greater significance when it comes to investing in the property market.

As savvy as you may be on the property market in the country you wish to invest in, you will need an expert on the ground. Knowing the nuances of realty, income and inheritance taxes, interest rates, exchange rates and means of finance is essential for your investment to be a success.

At YER, we have considerable knowledge of these matters, and work together with the best in business: consultants, lawyers and financial experts that will make your investment as safe as houses.

Successful properties are run like a well-oiled machine.

Our property management service supplies reliable and efficient teams of professionals, experts in of making the day-to-day running of your property hum smoothly.

They have excellent supplier relations and specialist experience in all household matters. To make things even easier, we can provide you with one point of contact 24/7, ready to provide seamless solutions for all household requirements for both occupied and vacant properties.

By leaving the task of your property’s maintenance and housekeeping to YER, you can rest assured that trusted domestic staff is keeping your property in optimum condition, household stocks are kept replenished and all household services, from utilities to waste disposal, are properly managed.

YER can provide you with all household staff, from butlers and cooks to gardeners and pool-cleaners. Our team can also take care of the organization, updating and payment of all household accounts, bills, and legal and insurance documents. Clients will receive a concise monthly report of all services, invoices and payments that have been made on their behalf.

But more than ensuring that your property is managed, maintained and continually improved to an exceptional standard, we like to think of our property management service as an in-house concierge, on-call and always available to assist.

Moving to a new location requires more than just packing your bags (although we wish that this was so). Whilst relocation is an immensely exciting time, it also presents a multitude of problems that need to be addressed, some of which may be unseen until you arrive.

Because YER’s mission is to look after your interests every step of the way, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

After conducting a report on your lifestyle needs, we will arrange everything with you to facilitate them, so that you don’t have to waste precious time. We can advise on the best international schools, language courses, how to obtain a work of residency permit, and even, if you so desire, where to shop for foodstuffs and other items that you may miss from home.

We will take care of the tiresome arrangements for getting your utilities connected, opening a bank account, and can advise on the best lawyers and financial services in your new location.

Is there anything we have left out? Talk to us. We are sure it can be arranged.

Confidentiality is something we take very seriously at YER. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it is a fundamental premise of our company culture. In a world where privacy is becoming a luxury commodity, we take yours very, very seriously. We believe that confidentiality is essential to successful partnerships.

That is why we would never disclose any details of your personal or financial affairs.

In other words, by putting your faith and trust in YER, you can rest assured that your affairs remain yours and yours alone.