About Yer Realty, properties in Spain

About Yer Realty, properties in Spain

Traditional values are something we believe in strongly at YER. We excel at pairing bespoke properties in Spain with serious buyers and investors – but we don’t stop there. We will help you fully comprehend the financial, legal and social factors you will encounter by your choice and will defend your interests every step of the way. We perceive each new project as a partnership, one that extends to property management and a comprehensive post-sale service.

In today’s competitive and digitally-driven real estate environment, many would say that this highly personal approach is unsustainable. But we at YER take the opposite view. We know that our clients provide our best publicity. So if you want to work with us you’ll need to know us. And regardless of whether we finally choose to work together, knowing you has been a pleasure all the same.

Yer Realty undertakes to find your ideal properties in Spain.

Before we explain what our company is, it’s probably easier to tell you what it isn’t. YER is not a standard real estate company.

Yes, we are specialist consultants and yes, we have a select portfolio of properties, businesses and investments on offer that you won’t find through the normal channels. But we reach much further than that.

What we are is vital to astute decision-making in your property investment. We can help you with selection, construction and project management, as well as countless other technicalities, such as suggesting the best schools for children to attend once you relocate. We love what we do and will leave no stone unturned until we – and you – are fully satisfied with every aspect of your project.

Together with our suppliers, designers, and builders, we think of ourselves as a global team, one that is committed to providing the most outstanding, flexible and personalized service in real estate today.

We know many cultures and speak many languages. Ultimately we can operate anywhere you are and have the adaptability and expertise to work in a myriad of environments.

Essentially, we have the framework, experience and vision to make your real estate venture as seamless, cost-effective and, most importantly, enjoyable as possible.

Welcome to YER

Our mission is simple: to become the best at what we do.

But we can’t do it alone. Drawing on decades of experience in the construction sector, YER has assembled a skilled array of specialists from leading architects and designers to builders, conveyers and relocation experts. We have gained a competitive edge because we have a deep understanding of a wide range of markets.

But still there is one element missing: you. At YER we thrive on the diversity of our clients. With over 300 projects in our cache we know (first hand) that each of them is a journey. So whether the brief is for a residential building in Alicante or a luxury villa in Moraira, we will see things from your position, because we have been there many times ourselves.